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Pulley Lagging

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Pulley Lagging

Running a conveyor without pulley lagging on the drive pulley is like driving a car with worn tries. The more treacherous the conditions, the great the danger of losing grip. Therefore, it is important to use a pulley lagging that can be relied upon to operate in the most difficult of conditions, e.g. rain snow, ice and sludge. Slippage between the conveyor belt and drive pulley occurs either when the friction coefficient is too low or there is insufficient tension or when the angle of wrap is too small. In order to ensure that belt, pulley and rollers are subjected to the least amount of wear possible, which in turn means that the friction coefficient and angle of wrap should be as great as possible.
However, increasing the angle of wrap by rebuilding the conveyor is extremely expensive and produces only limited improvement. The least expensive and most effective method of reducing the risk of slippage is by installing the correct type of pulley lagging. Bridge Engineering Company lagging is supplied in a range of different thickness, rubber qualities and patterns, which means that we can always offer the optimal lagging, whatever the application.

Types of Pulley Lagging:
1- Plain Lagging
2- Diamond Groove Lagging
3- Herrigbone Lagging
4- Circumferentioal Lagging
5- Chevron Lagging
6- Ceramic Lagging


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