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Belt Positioner,

Belt Positioner

Belt Positioner with the industry-leading “pivot and tilt” technology. Belt Positioner takes the best features and integrates the adaptability of the Belt Positioner that creates a fully adjustable design that can fit almost any conveyor configuration without needing a data sheet.

Immediately influence the belt path up to 50 ft (15 m) in both directions.
Compatible with mechanically fastened, vulcanized and reversing belts.
No belt edge damage -  idler rollers make smooth contact with the return side belt's bottom cover.
Maximum Belt Tension: 
Small, Medium and Large: 900 PIW (155 N/mm)
Extra-Large: 1200 PIW (210 N/mm)
Belt speeds up to 1000 fpm (5 m/sec)
Belt widths from 18" - 96" (450 - 2400 mm) 
Can be installed at the head pulley, before or after the take-up pulley, or anywhere on the return beltline.
Ensures center loading when installing before the tail pulley.


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