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Self Centralising

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Self Centralising

Sometimes the difficult working conditions of the plant results in a lateral movement of the belt. In this case a self-centralising troughing set is used which acts in a way that corrects the belt tracking and maintains it constantly in the central position. 
The self-centralising troughing set is designed as a series of rollers arranged in a trough positioned onto the supporting transom which itself is fixed to a slewing ring which permits rotation. 
The slewing ring (a large ball bearing) permits a rotation limited to 5-8 degrees and is sized in proportion to the vertical loading; a tapered roller bearing assembled to the shaft of the slewing ring, absorbs any forces or overturning pressures.

The installation of the self-centralising troughing sets is advised to be positioned on the upper strand rather than the return section, and used only when the working conditions require.
The self-centralising troughing sets are designed and manufactured in a way that allows then to entirely interchangeable with the normal transom. Normally it is a good standard to install them at an approximate distance of 15 metre from the pulley and at a pitch of about 30m.
Self-centralising troughing sets are designed in 3 different versions:model S, with rigid arm; model F, with pivoting arm with brake;model R, with centralised pivoting arm with brake, for reversible belts.

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