Projects Completed

EPCC Turn-Key Projects completed by Bridge Engineering Company

Client Name: Fatima Energy Limited

Scope of Work: Baggase Conveyor

Conveyor Length: 110m long

Belt Width: 1400mm

Client Name: JDW Unit-II RYK

Scope of Work: Baggase Conveyor

Conveyor Length: 176m long

Belt Width: 1600mm

Client Name: JK Sugar Mills (Pvt) Ltd

Scope of Work: Sugar Bags Handling

Conveyor Length: 350m long

Belt Width: 850mm

Client Name: Mehran Spices & Food

Scope of Work: Spices Cartons Transfer

Conveyor Length: 11m long

Belt Width: 800mm

Client Name: PIBT

Scope of Work: Coal Transfer Conveyor

Conveyor Length: 15.5m long

Belt Width: 1000mm

Client Name: Noon Sugar Mills Ltd

Scope of Work: Sugar Bags Transfer

Conveyor Length: 45m long

Belt Width: 850mm

Client Name: Auvitronics Limited

Scope of Work: Pet Preform Cooling Conveyor

Conveyor Length: 2.5m long, 2m long

Belt Width: 600mm

Client Name: Daraz.PK

Scope of Work: Packing Cartons Transfer

Conveyor Length: 5m long

Belt Width: 500mm

Client Name: Tapal Tea (Pvt) Ltd

Scope of Work: Tea Carton Transfer

Conveyor Length: 6.5m long

Belt Width: 800mm