Guide Roller

For various reasons, the conveyor belt may at times, tend to drift laterally. In these cases it is possible to utilize vertical rollers with cantilevered spindles, These are generally known as belt guide rollers. It is necessary however to pay particular attention to the use to which these rollers are put so that the forces on the guide roller by the belt do not damage the belt edge. In other words, guiding does not eliminate the true reason for the belt tracking off. Consequently, the belt may ride over the guide roller or become distorted against it. For these reasons, it is advisable to always use guide rollers on the most suitable transom, the self-centralizing, transom which rotates automatically whenever the belt tracks off the conveyor centre and self-corrects.

Whenever the conveyor belt misaligns, the guide roller tries to keep the belt in the center. If the belt mistracks due to some critical reasons, the guide roller is not always recommended to keep the belt in the center because it can damage the belt edges.

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