Material Flow Detector XLLL-L

XLLL-L type Material flow detector is a kind of device independently developed by our company to detect whether there is material in the belt conveyor. The user can connect the cable to the main control room and observe the feeding state through the indicator light. The detector can be used as a signal feedback device to detect the material transportation of the conveyor belt, and it can also be used together with an automatic sprinkling to realize the automatic sprinkling function when there is material. The field personnel can take corresponding measures according to the different conditions of a conveyor operation.


● Adoption of high-strength A-alloy precise die-casting shell, with strongimpact resistant capability.
● High protective degree of shell, good sealing property, dust prevention,water prevention and condensation prevention.
● Large contact capacity, sensitive action and reliable performance.
● With waterproof wiring chamber, reliable wiring.


● Ambient temperature:-40℃~50℃
● Relative humidity:0~95%
● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa
● Output mode and quantity:2×SPDT
● Contact capacity:AC380V 5A   DC24V 5A
● Initial position:Touch wheel touch the lower surface of the upper conveyor belt
● Action angle:20°±2°
● Limit angle:75°
● Reset mode:Automatic
● Protection level:IP65

Material Flow Detector XLLL-L_Front