Chute Blockage Detector XLDS-I


● Easy installation.
● The shell has high protection grade and good sealing property.
● The surface of the box body is sprayed with plastic and has strong corrosion resistance.
● Independent Normal Open and Normal Closed Output.


● Ambient temperature:-40℃~50℃
● Relative humidity:0~95%
● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa
● Contact mode and quantity:2 X SPST(NO),2 X SPST(NC)
● Contact capacity:AC380V3A,DC24V 3A
● Working position:Installed on the side wall of chute not impacted by material
● Outlet caliber:φ11mm
● Reset mode:Automatic
● Protection level:IP54

Chute Blockage Detector_Front


Chute Blockage Detector XLDS-I