Preventive Maintenance Contracts

A Preventive Maintenance Agreement ensures that appropriate maintenance activities are conducted at scheduled intervals. BECO service specialists support Client in defining maintenance schedule and carry out maintenance work, to optimize the performance of Conveying Systems.
Taking into account the level of maintenance activities performed the product, environment and seasonal changes in the Conveying System.

What we offer?

1. Regular field service visits
2. Scheduled maintenance work
3. Embedded Engineer Program
4. Stock Optimization
5. Training

What are the benefits?

Through this modular approach, the Client can tailor the Preventive Maintenance Agreement to plant needs, to reduce losses, and increase uptime and profitability.

1. Preventive maintenance at scheduled intervals
2. Reduced unexpected downtime
3. Predefined maintenance costs
4. Know-how transfer conducted by experts
5. On-the-job training
6. Detailed reports on interventions