Skirt Rubber

Skirting Rubber is used as a conveyor side protection against carried abrasive products, dust, or water projection. Rubber skirting is used as a buffer so that material does not spill out of the conveyor belt when the transport process.

For a bulk materials handling conveyor to effectively contain spillage and control dust at the transfer point areas, the load zone area will require a high-performance quality skirting that will not only greatly control material spillage and suppress dust, but can also minimize the chute wall lining and the conveyor belt itself from damage caused by the impact of the material load.

Effective conveyor belt system containment skirting and seals are now available in a wide variety of engineered compositions.


  1. Excellent Flexibility
  2. Good Wear Resistance
  3. Improves Conveyor Safety
  4. Suitable for sealing feed points
  5. Reduces Damages to Conveyor
  6. Belts/Components
  7. Available in a range of thickness and lengths

Skirt Rubber Table