Belt Rebuilder BR-300

Conveyor belt repair glue BR300 is new fast curing, 15 minutes, two-component, 100% solid polyurethane elastomer conveyor belt repair kit. It is used for repairing holes, gouges, and tears in steel cord conveyor belts, fabric, and rubber conveyor belts.
The product has been specifically engineered to be a high-performance conveyor belt repair, offering superior adhesion strength, excellent abrasion and tear resistance which matches the hardness of the rubber belt.
Once applied to the conveyor belt, it has a working time of 15minutes (at 24oC), the high viscosity of Rapid Repair allows it to be applied on a belt on an incline or conveyor troughs of up to 50˚C without sagging or slumping.
Completing a repair with Rapid Repair provides an engineering grade bond to the substrate, thus increasing the life of the belt with minimal downtime.


  1. Quick and easy application of the product.
  2. Fast curing time.
  3. Suitable for a variety of repairs.
  4. No requirement for complex or heavy equipment.
  5. Super adhesion to the conveyor belt.


BR300 is used for repairing of:

  • Conveyor Belt Holes
  • Conveyor Belt Gouges
  • Conveyor Belt Tears
  • Conveyor Belt Cracks in steel cord and ply fabrics conveyor belt.

BR-300 Table