Audible and Visual Alarm

Audible and Visual Alarm is a new sound-light alarm device independently developed by our company. It can send out two kinds of alarm signals at the same time: sound and light. Such as the belt conveyor before the operation of warning, operating fault warning. Compared with similar products in the market, it has the advantages of small appearance and convenient installation.


● Precision Die Casting Shell of Industrial Grade Aluminum Alloy.
● Super bright and high power LED, long service life.
● Super Polymer Lamp Cap, Super Impact Resistance.
● Unique voice structure to achieve barrier-free voice.
● Beautiful appearance, light and beautiful.


● Ambient temperature:-40℃~50℃
● Relative humidity:0~95%
● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa
● Working voltage:AC220V  50Hz
● Volume:120dB
● Electrical life:20000h
● Connection mode:Lead-out cable
● Shell material:Precision Die Casting Aluminum Alloy
● Protection level:IP65

Audible And Visual Alarm_Front