Belt Tear Detector

XLZL-B Belt tear detector is a protective device independently developed by our company to detect and alarm the longitudinal tear of conveyor belt. It is used for automatic alarm or emergency stop when the conveyor belt is torn, punctured, damaged at the junction or sharp objects protruding out of the conveyor belt.


● Single control box connected with more than one sensor, suitable for long conveyor use.
● It has the function of delayed de-jitter of input signal to avoid misoperation.
● With manual self-test function, high reliability.
● Relay output, large contact capacity.
● Sensor is a fully enclosed structure of conductive rubber, dust-proof, water-proof, condensation-proof, vibration-proof and aging-proof.


● Ambient temperature:-10℃~50℃
● Relative humidity:0~95%
● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa
● Working voltage:AC220V  50/60Hz
● Rated power:5W
● Output Contact Mode and Number:1×DPDT double-pole double-throw
● Contact capacity:AC380V 3A   DC24V 3A
● Input signal de-jitter range:0-9S
● Reset mode:Automatic and manual
● Protection level:IP65

Belt Tear Detector_Front