Hot Vulcanizing Machine

Bridge Engineering Company is a supplier of renowned Hot vulcanize machine brands for the splicing of rubber conveyor belts including EP, NN and Steel cord belt etc. It can be widely used in metallurgical plants, cement, fertilizer, mines, electric power plants and docks etc.
It is available with following technical specifications,

Technical parameters

Belt Width: 650 mm,2200 mm
Vulcanize pressure: 1.5 Mpa (15 kg / cm2) ;1.8 Mpa (18kg / cm2) also available;
Vulcanize temperature: 145° C (adjustable);
Temperature-rising time: within 40 min;
Temperature difference on the working surface: ±3° C
Adjusting range of temperature from temperature regulator: 0 ~ 200° C
Power voltage: 380V/50 Hz, or 660 V.