Belt Sway Switch XLPP-I


● Adoption of high-strength A-alloy precise die-casting shell, with strongimpact resistant capability.
● Two-stage movement mode of light running deviation and heavy running deviation is adopted.
● The shell has high protection level, good sealing, waterproof and dust-proof, and can be used in harsh environment.
● Large contact capacity, sensitive action and reliable performance.


● Ambient temperature:-40℃~50℃
● Relative humidity:0~95%
● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa
● Electrical life:>>100000times
● Output mode and quantity:2×SPDT
● Contact capacity:AC380V 5A,DC24V 5A
● Action force:75~100N
● First-level action angle:15°
● Secondary action Angle:30°
● Limit angle:75°
● Reset mode:Automatic
● Protection level:IP67

Belt Sway Switch XLPP-I_Front


Belt Sway Switch XLPP-I