Primary Belt Cleaner

The problem of conveyed material adhering to the conveying belt occurs frequently with wet or sticky material resulting in frequent downtime for maintenance, and clean-up with the consequent loss of production. The problem of belt cleaning has increased in parallel with the development of conveyors of ever-increasing length, speed, and belt width, necessary to satisfy the needs to maximize load capacities.

Therefore the use of cleaning equipment has become an indispensable requirement to assure general plant efficiency and to reduce the periods of service needed for maintenance. The choice of belt cleaner depends on the efficiency that is desired to obtain from the conveyor; the material itself and the environmental conditions prevailing.

However, the adoption of the cleaning system should be considered early in the conveyor project design phase. The belt cleaners proposed in this catalog may be used for each type of application.  They are well known for their efficiency, ease of installation, and project simplicity for the economy of use.


1. Aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations, sand & gravel, cement, sugar, coal, etc.
2. Primary cleaning position
3. For belt widths from 500 – 2000 mm

Primary Belt Cleaner

Features and Benefits:

1. Seamless interface with mechanical fasteners
2. Universal mounting plates for easy installation on chutes or open-head conveyors.
3. Compact, streamlined design that requires 100 mm of horizontal clearance
4. Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the ends of the blade and the center.