Level Switch

At the site of the belt conveyor, the overflow of material in the silo occurs from time to time. The material level switch can effectively reduce overflow, material waste, and downtime by detecting materials. There are tilt-type and Impeding types.


● All-in-one sealed design, dust-proof, waterproof and condensation-proof.
● Shell steel structure, impact resistance.
● Universal contact, not restricted by direction.
● Normally open contact output.


● Ambient temperature:-40℃ – 50℃
● Relative humidity:0 – 95%
● Atmospheric pressure:80 – 110kPa
● Contact mode and quantity:Normally open contact output
● Contact capacity:AC220V 3A,DC24V 3A
● Installation location:Only the highest material position can be detected
● Action angle:25°~35°
● Reset mode:Automatic
● Protection level:IP65

Level Switch_Front